Project Description

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will continue resurfacing State Route 85 (Mtn. View Corridor) in Salt Lake County from Old Bingham Hwy. to 13400 S, including various intersections from 6200 to 9000 S.  The project objectives are aimed at preserving the life of the roadway by increasing the longevity of the road surface, address roadway imperfections, and enhance pedestrian/motorist safety.  Additional miscellaneous work includes adding an acceleration lane at 5400 S, updating roadway directional messaging, and various erosion control/guardrail near intersections from Porter Rockwell to SR-201 (3500 S).

Route:  SR-85 (Mountain View Parkway) | Mile post: 7.36 - 17.13  (Paving)  Mile post: 2.97 - 4.35   (Miscellaneous work)



Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions and material availability.

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October - Second Coat of Paint/Striping

[ Old Bingham Hwy. to 13400 South ]

Oct. 3 - 12

  • Northbound Lanes:  8am to 12pm   
  • Southbound Lanes:  7am to 1pm

Crews will apply paint lines to all travel lanes.  Additional work will include adding gravel to shoulders to level with asphalt.  Fast moving lane closures are expected.  Delays should be minimal

Oct. 14 - 16 (Daytime)

Crews will apply travel lane paint lines and striping to all intersections.  Approximately x2 intersections nightly starting from Old Bingham Highway and moving South.  This work will require lane closures approaching the intersections.  Be prepared to take alternate routes to cross Mountain View Corridor.


Start Construction: June 6

Work Hours: Sunrise - Sunset

Work Days: Monday - Friday

Details:   Miscellaneous work will begin at the intersections upgrading pedestrian ramps for ADA compliance, and enhacing stop bar detection for signals.  Additionally, utilities will be lowered in preperation for paving.  Right turn lane closures may be necessary at times.

Intersection(s) Paving: June 19

Work Hours: 8pm - 5am

Work Days: Sunday Night - Saturday Morning

Details:   Nighttime paving work will begin on the intersections, starting at 6200 South. (see map)  During this time, travel lane closures will be required.  Be prepared for delays from 5-10 minutes nightly.  Active transporation groups will be accomodated with detours posted.

Mtn. View Corridor Paving: through Late-Aug

Work Hours: 8pm - 5am

Work Days: Sunday Night - Friday Morning

Details:   Nighttime paving work will begin on North and Southbound travel lanes of Mountain View Corridor.  (see map)  Work will begin moving North along the Northbound lanes starting from Daybreak Parkway.   During this time, travel lane closures will be required.  Be prepared for delays from 5-10 minutes nightly.  LANE RESTRICTION SET AT 15FT.   By August 8, the remaining work will include painting and striping throughout the route.  This will continue through Aug 25.  Delays should be minimal

End Main Construction: Early September

Approximately 70 total days to completion

Contact Information

To contact the public information team with questions or concerns:

Hotline: 801-838-8362


Stay Informed

To receive weekly construction updated, please contact the public information team at the email address above and enter "MVC Paving" in the subject line.