The US-191 Realignment Project will ultimately replace the 2.6 mile switchback portion of the highway located 12 miles north of Vernal. The proposed improvements will enhance safety by adding a continuous uphill climbing lane and a southbound passing lane, eliminating the switchbacks and providing standard horizontal curves, optimizing grades to help trucks negotiate curves, installing a runaway truck ramp, and providing standard width shoulders.

Project Area

Project Improvements

Emergency Truck Ramp

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A continuous uphill climbing lane and a downhill passing lane will be added to allow traffic to pass slower traffic safely.

An emergency truck ramp will be added.

Grade reductions in key locations.

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Eliminating the current switchback design will reduce the chances of semi-truck rollovers.

Wider curves along this stretch of highway will be easier to navigate and allow motorists to maintain consistent speeds.

Improved access to the scenic overlook will allow drivers to appreciate the beauty of the Uinta Basin.


Project Benefits

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The project enhancements will improve overall safety for semi-trucks and motorists.

Improved drivability

The elimination of switchbacks and the addition of wider curves will improve visibility and maneuverability.


Flatter roadway curves, reduced grades in key locations, and improved passing lanes increase driving efficiency.

Project Timeline

Deep Dynamic Compaction

Spring 2024 - Summer 2024


Summer 2024 - Winter 2024

Realignment Construction

Spring 2025 - Fall 2025

New alignment opens

Fall 2025