Passing Lanes and Utahraptor State Park Access

The Utah Department of Transportation(UDOT) continues operations to widen the roadway along a four-mile section adjacent to the Utahraptor State Park access point. Objectives include the installation of a northbound and southbound passing lane, and various access enhancements near the park entrance. These improvements include a paved entry into the new park entrance, a northbound right-turn deceleration lane into the park, a northbound right-turn acceleration lane out of the park, and a southbound left-turn lane into the park. These additions are designed to improve visitor access by decreasing motorist congestion and increasing motorist safety. 

Route:  US-191 |  Start Milepost: 138.6 -  End Milepost: 142.3


Anticipated Impacts

-Crews have wrapped up the paving process throughout the route and are now moving forward with microsurfacing. Microsurfacing should begin on June 13. Following the microsurfacing efforts, the rumble strips will be placed. Both of these processes will last until the end of June. While these processes are underway, expect lane closures during nighttime operations with one-way alternating traffic regulated by flaggers and a pilot car. *See our "Latest Traffic Conditions" tab for more details.

-Lane Restriction is 14ft. during construction hours. Please contact hotline if special accommodations are necessary.


Utahraptor State Park Visitor's Center | Under Construction Perspective from the Entrance | June 1st, 2024


US191_Raptorstate Park Paving

Utahraptor State Park Paving Process | May 14th, 2024


Construction Start: Feb 12

Work Hours: 7pm - 7am; (Starting 9pm on Thu. nights)

Workdays: Sunday PM to Friday AM

Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions and material availability.

  • Crews have recently finished up guardrail additions and replacements throughout the route, providing reliable protection for motorists.

  • Beginning June 16, a microsurface overlay will be applied to the entire route, including widened regions. This will reduce the deterioration of the road surface, and increase traction for motorists. 

  • A few days after the microsurfacing is complete, crews will incorporate rumble strips, signage, and striping along the road, enhancing direction and safety for everyone. 

    *For both microsurfacing and the rumble strip portions of this project, there will be lane restrictions including one-way alternating traffic and a pilot car.  


Project duration will be approximately 7 months.  Please check back for additional details on progress.

Construction End: Aug 2024

Contact Information

To contact the public information team with questions or concerns:

Hotline: 801-838-8364


Stay Informed

To receive weekly construction updated, please contact the public informaiton team at the specified email address above and enter "Weekly Updates" in the subject line.