State Route 132 Safety Improvement Projects (Near the mouth of Nephi Canyon) 
The SR-132 project is a project identified by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) as a Safety Improvement Project. The ongoing project aims to further enhance safety on the road by combining two projecT.


SPECIAL NOTE: You must obey the temporary traffic signals.  There is insufficient room to accomodate vehicles to pass each other. 


Project Description


This project will improve roadway shoulders by flattening the slopes. We will also add a lane between MP 37 and 38 to make the existing passing continuous.


Several retaining walls will be constructed to accommodate the widened roadway and shoulders.


This project will also replace significant portions of Nephi City's water line.


This project is pivotal in improving traffic flow and safety on SR-132 and is anticipated to last throughout the fall of 2024.

This two pronged project is pivotal to improved traffic flow and safety on SR-132 and is anticipated to last throughout the fall of 2024.


Here's what you can expect over the next several weeks.


  • Schedule: Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, temporary protective barriers have been placed throughout the project and will remain in place until the project is complete.


  • The temporary protective barriers provide safety for the crews, accommodate excavation and placement of road base.


  • Alternating one-way traffic controlled by temporary traffic signals located in two locations are in place around the clock.
  • You must obey the traffic signals as there is not enough space to allow two cars to pass.


  • Motorists should anticipate potential delays of up to 20 minutes at one or both signal locations.

  • Crews are beginning the construction of retaining walls to support the widened roadway and replacement of Nephi city's water line.


  • Be alert to slower speeds due to limited space; maintain a safe following distance and obey the posted speed limit.


  • Cyclists should exercise extreme cautions due to the narrowed roadway. Do not ride inside of the protective barriers as you will be in the active construction zone​

Keep this information in mind to ensure a safe and smooth drive through the construction zone.


Project begins April 2.  Working hours 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Contact Information

To contact the public information team with questions or concerns:

Hotline: 801-712-3030




Construction started on the project on April 2nd.

Stay Informed

To receive weekly construction updated, please contact the public information team at the email address above and enter "Weekly Updates" in the subject line.