UDOT, Provo City and the project team have been working to incorporate public feedback into the project design since the open house in August 2022. While not every request can be accommodated, some significant changes have been made to the project scope to better accommodate your input.

What Changed

  • Raised medians have been removed from the majority of the project area, except where they are needed for safety at the new bicycle and pedestrian intersections at 100 West and 300 West. Raised medians could be installed at a future time if crash data indicates they are warranted.
  • Sidewalks will be replaced and widened to 5 feet on both sides of the roadway wherever possible. In locations with existing buildings at the back of the sidewalk, widening will be required if or when those properties are redeveloped.
  • Project Schedule: The project schedule has been delayed while these changes were made. The team anticipates that construction could begin as early as summer 2023 but may extend into 2024.






What Stayed the Same

  • On-street parking will be removed to make space for sidewalk widening and on-street bicycle lanes.
  • Bicycle and pedestrian crossings at 100 West and 300 West remain in the planned improvements. This will prohibit left turn turns between these streets and 300 South for safety. Plans for 100 West currently prioritize walking and biking. Provo City, UTA and other partners are working together to construct a pedestrian bridge over the rail tracks near 600 South to better service the FrontRunner and Amtrak Stations. This pedestrian bridge when combined with other improvements along 100 West, like the bicycle/pedestrian crossing at 300 South, will provide a direct walking and biking connection from the transit hub to Downtown Provo.
  • Limited Space: The focus of the project team continues to be balancing the necessary infrastructure improvements while reducing impacts to area residents and businesses where possible. This means fitting the planned improvements into the limited space UDOT currently owns rather than impacting private property or the existing businesses located behind the existing sidewalk.



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The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is designing improvements for US-89 (300 South) in Provo between University Avenue and 500 West. The project's goals are to improve the roadway and underground infrastructure while providing better transportation options for all kinds of road users. 

The project plans to reconstruct the roadway between University Avenue and 500 West in a similar layout as previous projects on U.S. 89 in Provo (500 West and 300 South) have done.

The project team plans to improve the corridor by:

  • Replacing 300 South asphalt with concrete pavement
  • Upgrading the roadway drainage system with storm drain, curb and gutter
  • Replacing aged underground utilities including sewer and culinary water
  • Adding new pedestrian/bicycle crosswalks in several locations
  • Adding on-street bicycle lanes
  • Installing "bump-outs" on 400 West to reduce the crossing distance at intersections without painted crosswalks


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Please let us know if you have comments or concerns about a specific area within the project corridor and drop a pin with a comment


Through 2022




Project Hotline: 888-556-0232

Email: provo300s@utah.gov