Safety Improvements to begin at Center Street & State Street as early as July 18

Since the 2018 Orem State Street Mobility Study, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Orem City have been working together to address traffic congestion and safety on State Street. The study identified a number of intersections that could be improved in Orem by adjusting signal timing, adding designated right-turn lanes, installing raised medians, extending turn-pockets and allowing U-turns where feasible. Making State Street safer, more efficient, and predictable is an important priority for UDOT, Orem City, businesses, property owners and motorists.


Construction at the intersection of Center Street and State is ongoing. Improvements include:

  • raised medians on State and Center
  • pedestrian ramp replacement extending turn-lanes 
  • signal timing 
  • resurfacing the roadway


Construction Activities and Impacts

Beginning as early as December 5*, crews will be back onsite working at the intersection of State (US-89) and Center Street. Work will include:

  • Installation of new pedestrian poles for the signal crossings on the northeast and southeast corners.
  • Sidewalk reconstruction headed east from the northeast corner.

This work will take place for approximately two weeks and impacts will include shoulder and turn lane closures while work is taking place.

                                                                                             *Dates are subject to change due to weather, equipment availability or other circumstances



Future Safety Improvements

Safety, accessibility and mobility enhancements in these areas will include:

  • improving signal timing
  • adding designated right-turn lanes
  • installing raised medians
  • extending turn-pockets
  • allowing U-turns where feasible

Future Locations Include:

  • 800 North (Canyon Crossing Area)
  • University Parkway & State Street
  • 400 North & State Street
  • 1200 North & State Street
  • 1600 North & State Street
  • 800 South & State Street 

The project has a communications team that can be contacted by calling 888-556-0232 or emailing