Project Activities*

New storm drain on 2000 West


Road Closures:


  • 550 North on the east side at 2000 West is closed while crews continue to install wet utilities (sewer, water, secondary water, storm drain) under the road. Pedestrian access will be maintained. This closure will remain in place through approximately March 29.
  • 750 North is closed on the west side while crews install a new waterline under the road. This closure will remain in place through approximately Friday, March 29.
  • 1300 North is closed on both sides of the intersection until Friday, April 5 as crews continue water line installation through the intersection. A detour route is in place for the closures. See map below.


*Schedule is subject to change due to weather, equipment, or material delays

Night Work:


Work is ongoing on the new sewer main and laterals. This work requires crews to one-way flag 2000 West from 470 North to 800 North to make enough room for crews and vehicles to work. This work will take place nightly from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. through approximately March 29.



Ongoing Utility Installation:

Utility work is ongoing throughout the project corridor. Work will take place daily Monday - Saturday from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. unless noted.


  • Gas line lateral installations from 470 North to 1800 North
  • Culinary waterline at 1300 North and fire hydrant laterals from 800 North to 1300 North. Water meter installation from 550 North to 800 North
  • Storm drain installation through the 1300 North intersection headed north and the 550 North crossing
  • Secondary water installation at 1300 North
  • Signal installation at 800 North and 1300 North
  • Homeowners can expect intermittent access limitations at their properties as this utility work occurs. To learn more about utilities visit our website here.



Drivers can expect shifting traffic patterns. Please reduce your speed through the work zone.



Before UDOT begins the work to actually widen the road, they coordinate with utility owners and local municipalities to complete all the necessary adjustments to the utility lines under the road. Sometimes utilities are required to move because of the road improvements (moving power poles near the new sidewalk location, for example) and sometimes service providers take the opportunity that comes with exposing the road to upgrade their services (larger water lines to provide more service to growing neighborhoods or upgrades to aging infrastructure, for example).


From the driver’s eye view, this can look like repetitive work – digging up a trench, laying pipe, compacting it, and doing it all over again for the next service. The network of pipes and conduit under the road can be as congested as the cars that drive on top of it. Additionally, utilities have spacing requirements to keep clearance from other pipes in their final placement. These considerations require careful planning during the engineering design and skilled placement during construction.


While this work can require a lot of road closures and be frustrating to those who drive in the area, it’s a necessary step in delivering the services we’ve come to expect in our modern lives – flushing toilets, clean drinking water, high speed internet, heat during the winter and air conditioning during the summer. The good news is, once the road is constructed, UDOT pushes pause on permits and requests to cut into the road, emergencies notwithstanding. The utility and road work happening now is just about all of the work that will take place for the next several years.


The map above is representative of the many utility lines that crews are currently installing along 2000 West. Our engineers use the last known design plans when deciding where to move or place the new utility lines but can still be met with surprises when they dig into the road. This can cause delays while they adjust their plans in real-time. So far, we’ve not run into many surprises. Utility construction has gone smoother and faster than we had planned!

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